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ETC type solar water heating system.jpg


One of the newest entrants in solar products, the Evacuated Tube Collector system is the low budget answer to heating water. These systems are available in various capacities starting from 100 Litres per day..

These are considerably lower in cost than FPC water heating systems but are also fragile in comparison.

The blue glass tubes are also quite the eye catcher!



The Wind - Solar Hybrid system gives us the best of all seasons - high wind output during monsoons and high solar output during other seasons. The wind turbine and the Solar PV panels are integrated as one system, using the same set of

batteries and inverter.

Solar Pumping System - Copy.jpg


Our Solar Pumping systems consist of the solar module array, a high efficiency drive and a high quality AC pump. The pump runs directly on solar power during the sunshine hours.

One of the major applications of this pumping system is for agriculture.

These pumps can lift water from bore wells and open wells throughout the day providing substantial quantities of water for the crops.

These systems can range from 2 HP to 10 HP 3-Phase pumps.

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